Swarovski Rivoli Art 2042 – Heliotrope


Vintage Swarovski rivoli – art 2042 Heliotrope

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One deliciously rare Swarovski stone in stunning heliotrope. It’s an unusual cut that is difficult to describe. It looks as though someone took a miniature disco ball and sliced that in half. The bottom, faceted side has been coated at the very center with Swarovski’s gorgeous Heliotrope color, which is a dramatic silvery purple. The front half of the stone is like a flat “window” that allows you to look down into the beautiful facets.

This is a larger (16mm) rhinestone, and it does not have a hole. The cut is article 2042.

These are uncirculated stones that show typical wear for their age (some minor foil flaking, and/or chipping around the edges) which is visible in these highly magnified photos.

Size = 16 mm

Quantity = 1 stone

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