15 mm Vintage Raw Brass Heart Pendant Lockets


small unplated brass heart photo locket

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These vintage raw brass heart lockets have a single ring at the top for hanging. They measure 15 mm each, with a hinge at the top where the locket opens. You’ll receive 6 pieces.


✭ Material = raw, unplated brass
✭ Size = 15 mm
✭ Quantity = 6 piece

These lockets measure about 3 mm thick from front to back, and one side has a recessed area. The top side is hinged and can be opened to store a tiny photo or keepsake.

They were made in Hong Kong in the 1970’s -80’s. They show patina and scratches typical for their age.

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Weight .35 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .25 in