Size 18/0 antique Micro Seed Beads Dark Olive Forest Green


Antique size 18/0 seed beads in dark olive forest green

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Color: Dark Olive Forest Green
Size: 18/0
Quantity: 5 grams

These old Italian glass micro beads were manufactured between the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. They’re a tiny size 18/0 seed bead, which allows for incredible detail & resolution. Because they were manufactured so long ago, they show greater size variance than contemporary beads.

The color is quite unusual, and difficult to describe. It’s a very dark olive or forest green. They’re so dark that they almost appear opaque, but if you look closely, you can see that they have the slightest bit of translucence. They’re not quite as clear as what I usually think of as a “greasy” finish, and not quite frosted enough to be considered “matte”. They may simply be old “unfinished” beads, but even that description doesn’t seem quite right. It’s definitely an unusual finish, and the color is rare and beautiful too.

These beads are very, very small — like the size of a grain of sand. I recommend them for experienced beadworkers, extremely patient people, or those who enjoy a good challenge. When strung, there are about 30-36 beads per inch, and the bag weighs approximately 5 grams.

One of the last photos shows a 3 gram bag of these beads next to a dime. As you can see, its a small bag (this one is 1.5″ x 1.5″) but because the beads are so tiny, even a small bag holds quite a lot of beads. The photo shows 2 colors, but this listing is for one bag of the dark green color only (the other color is available in a separate listing). These pictures have been magnified to give a good sense of color and shape. And of course, coins are not included in your purchase – they’re simply shown to give a sense of scale.

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