Size 14/0 Antique Seed Beads Orange AB Satin Cuts


Vintage micro 2 cut seed beads in orange satin AB

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These antique micro beads were manufactured some time between the late 1800’s and the 1940’s. They’re a size 14/o cylinder bead, with an extremely unusual finish – it’s an orange satin (which is rare enough on its own) with an aurora borealis finish over the top. The satin finish gives the beads a shimmery cats eye ¬†effect, while the ab coating lends flashes of blue, green and pink when the light hits. My photos absolutely do not do justice to these gorgeous and truly uncommon old beads.

There are 3 strands, measuring about 4″ each. The strands have about 17-18 beads per inch, and the diameter of these cylinder beads is quite small. The length of the beads is comparable to an 11/0 or 12/0, but the diameter is more like a 14/0 or 15/0 bead. A word to the wise, ¬†old satin cuts are known for their sharp edges – I suggest a sturdy thread like Fireline or Kevlar for these beauties.


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