Size 15/0 to 18/0 Antique Micro Seed Beads TSP Dark Purple XL Hank


Antique micro seed beads in transparent dark purple.

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Color: Transparent Dark Purple
Size: ¬†varies from 14/0 –¬†18/0

These tiny Italian glass seed beads are particularly old, dating back to the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. The color is a very dark transparent purple, that has a sort of brownish undertone — in fact, I have used it in my own work as a purple and as a brown. The sizing on these hanks is quite irregular, ranging from about the size of a contemporary 15/0 seed bead on down to a traditional 18/0. On average, there are about 28-32 beads per inch on these strands.

These hanks are unusually large. They have approximately 36 loops of beads each, while contemporary hanks typically have 12 loops. They weigh an average of about 42 grams, by comparison I found that most of my contemporary size 14/0 seed beads weigh about 20 grams per 12 strand hank. So this is akin to a double hank.

This listing is for one hank of these unusual old seed beads. The threads on these old hanks are quite fragile, so you can expect to find some loose beads in the bag that they’re shipped in.

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