Antique Micro Seed Beads Sparkling Black 3 Cut Hank


Antique micro seed beads – size 16 black tri cuts

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Color: Black
Size: 15/0 or 16/0
Quantity: 2-3 gram hank

These old Czech glass micro beads were manufactured some time between the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. They’re a tiny size 15/0 or 16/0 seed bead, which allows for incredible detail & resolution. Many of the beautifully detailed antique beaded purses were created using these beads, which makes them highly sought after for purse restoration. Because they were manufactured so long ago, they show much greater variance in size and shape than contemporary beads.

These are classic Victorian era beads – opaque black cut beads with bright red thread. They’re faceted 3 cut beads, and they sparkle beautifully in the light! This style was extremely popular during the mourning period, when black jet was especially fashionable. These types of beads were an affordable alternative to real jet, and they were used to embellish clothing, jewelry and purses.

Again, these beads are very, very small. I recommend them for experienced beadworkers, extremely patient people, or those who enjoy a good challenge. When strung, there are about 24-28 beads per inch. The hank has 10 loops, measuring approximately 4″ each (or 2″ when tied) and it weighs 2-3 grams.

These pictures have been magnified to give a good sense of color and shape. Any dust or debris in the photos are generally tiny specks not visible to the naked eye. And of course, coins are not included in your purchase – they’re simply shown to give a sense of scale. Some of these photos show “master hanks” which are large bundles of several hanks tied together. This listing is for ONE hank, and the photos with a dime serve to show the size of a single hank.

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