Blue Moonstone Glass Cabochons with Sunburst Texture


Pale blue glass moonstone cabochons

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These 1960’s vintage glass “moonstone” cabochons have a beautiful translucent sheen that adds a nice play of light effect when you move the stone. Again, these stones are glass with a faux moonstone effect, rather than actual gemstones. The color is a pale sky blue, and the surface has a beautifully textured sunburst effect. The stones measure approximately 8×6 mm each, which is quite small.

These stones have flat backs with no foil, and they do not have holes. They are not beads (again, no hole) but cabochons, which can be glued, mounted or set in bezels.

Size = 8×6 mm

Quantity = 6 stones


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Weight .10 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in

2 pieces, 4 pieces