Glass Cameos – Peaceful Yogi, Buddha or Meditating Guy


Vintage cameos – meditating guy



These vintage glass cabochons were manufactured in West Germany, and just based on the style I’m going to guess that they’re a little more recent than most of my stock – maybe 1970’s or even 80’s. The stones measure 20×24 mm each, and the design is a sitting man – perhaps a yogi, swami or buddha figure – who appears to be deep in meditation. The base color is beige, washed with opaque brown to accent the details. Both his hat and the floor underneath his feet have subtle metallic bronze details. You will receive four stones.

The stones are about 5mm tall, measuring from back to front. The back sides are unfoiled, with an indented or recessed area at the center (see last photo). These quirky old cabochons are suited for gluing, mounting or bezeling; they are not beads and they do not have holes.

Size = 20 x 24 mm

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2 pieces, 4 pieces