Hand Faceted Leaded Glass Beads in Cobalt Blue ~ 3 sizes


Hand faceted cobalt blue leaded glass beads


These gorgeous cobalt blue lamp beads are wire wound leaded crystal glass. Each bead was hand faceted, and made in Korea in the mid-1980’s. There are 3 sizes to choose from.


✭ Material = leaded crystal glass
✭ Size = Small – 7.5 mm, Medium – 10.5 mm, Large 12.5 mm
✭ Style = faceted round
✭ Quantity = 12 beads

It took me forever to list these, because none of my photos capture their beauty! They are stunning, high quality faceted beads in a perfect shade of transparent cobalt blue. They’re leaded crystal glass, so they refract light beautifully. When you hold them up to the sun they create little rainbows and sparkles all around them. Truly special old beads!

You’ll receive 12 beads of your chosen size. Use the drop down menu to select from:

✭ small (approximately 7.5 mm)
✭ medium (approximately 10.5 mm)
✭ large (approximately 12.5 mm)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

12 small beads (approx. 7.5 mm), 12 medium beads (approx. 10.5 mm), 12 large beads (approx. 12.5 mm)