Size 12/0 Antique Metal Seed Beads Smooth Round Silver


Antique silver metal seed beads

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You’ll receive 5 grams of antique metal seed beads in a small size 12/0 or 13/0. The color is a silver-toned metal. These beads do not react to a magnet, so they’re not steel. I suspect that they’re aluminum.


✭ Material = metal
✭ Bead size = 12/0 – 13/0
✭ Quantity = 5 grams

As mentioned above, these beautiful vintage beads are made of metal. I smashed one using a pair of pliers, and it didn’t crack into tiny pieces and powdery sand as glass does; instead, it quietly crushed and folded like metal. The holes are nice and large for such small beads and the shaping is fairly consistent.

These beads are smooth and rounded, rather than faceted or cylindrical. This is a nice small size without being too tiny. When strung, there are about 18-20 beads per inch. These beads have a diameter of approximately 1.65 mm.

This listing is for a 5 gram bag of beads. Photos have been magnified to convey color and shape. A ruler and coin are shown for scale.

Additional information

Weight .15 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .25 in