Size 11/0 Vintage 3 Cut Seed Beads TSP Pale Sapphire Blue


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This listing features one hank of 1950’s (or older) vintage glass seed beads. They’re most likely Czech in origin — manufactured between the 1930’s and 1950’s, as is typical of this size hank.
They’re 3-cut beads, in pale transparent sapphire blue. 3-cuts are faceted, which adds gorgeous sparkle and texture to your work. Some people also call 3-cuts “diamond cuts”.

About the size of a modern 11/0 or 12/0, with approximately 16-18 beads per inch when strung. This is one of the old micro/mini hanks. It weighs approximately 10 grams, and consists of 10 loops measuring about  7″ each (or 3.5″ when tied together).


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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 × .25 in