2 Hole Domed Sew Ons – Sky Blue


Bohemian glass flat back sew on beads – 2 hole sky blue

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These antique Bohemian glass sew on beads were produced between 1865 – 1915. The beads are an opaque sky blue, with a smooth domed top. Each bead measures approximately 7mm, and has 2 holes.

They were used predominantly by the garment industry, as their flat backs make them excellent for embellishing clothing and other fabrics. They were also used as jewelry components, strung with thread or wire.


✭ Material = glass
✭ Size = 7 mm
✭ Quantity = 24 beads

This listing is for one strand of these fabulous old beads, the strand measures approximately 7.5″ long and contains about 24 beads.

Some photos show larger quantities, to better convey convey color and cut. This listing is for ONE strand of these uncommon old beads.

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Weight .20 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × .5 in