Size 11/0 Vintage Italian Seed Beads OPQ Lime Green


Vintage Italian 11/0 beads in opaque lime green

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Size 11/0 vintage / antique Italian glass seed beads in opaque lime green. The color is an opaque yellow green – somewhere between “lime green” and “pea green”. The 4th photo shows it next to the “medium green” that I carry, but this listing is for the paler lime green beads only. This is a wonderful “old time” color, often seen in North American Native beadwork; there is nothing quite like these old colors today.

Color: Opaque Lime Green
Size: 11/0 or 12/0
Quantity: 10 grams

These old Murano glass seed beads were manufactured between the late 1800’s and the 1920’s by the Societa Veneziana Conterie . This was a consortium of 16 independent Venetian bead makers that joined together from 1898-1992. Because these are hand crafted beads, made very long ago, they show greater variance in size and shape than contemporary beads.

These beads are a size 11/0 or 12/0 seed bead. The average diameter is about 2.15 mm, and they fit easily on a 24 gauge wire. When strung, there are about 18-21 beads per inch. You’ll receive a 10 gram bag of beads.

These pictures have been magnified to give a good sense of color and shape. While I’ve tried very hard to describe and capture the colors accurately, you should keep in mind that there are color variances from one computer monitor to the next. Please pay attention to the written color description as well as the photos.

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