Vintage West German Floral Heart Pendants – Carnelian Orange


vintage glass heart beads with flower bouquet

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4 vintage *West German glass heart beads from the 1970’s or 80’s. The base color is an orange-ish red, applied over an off white base. Each bead is accented on the front with a little decal of a floral design.


✭ Material = glass
✭ Pendant size = 24x24x6 mm
✭ Quantity = 4 pieces

These are good sized beads, that could work nicely as pendants. They’re about 6mm thick, and the back side is sort of “puffy” or rounded (rather than being flat like a cabochon). The hole runs front to back, and it’s drilled just at the center of the heart’s “peak”. I do not know the hole measurement, but I was easily able to slide a piece of 20 gauge wire inside it.

The front side of each pendant bead is adorned with a little rose bouquet with reddish pink and yellow roses, plus some small blue flowers (perhaps violets or forget me nots?) with green leaves. The exact shade and placement of the floral motif may vary from one bead to the next. The back sides of the bead are plain (no flowers) and some have random swirls of off white throughout.

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .5 in